Welcome to Adelaide Acupuncture

Give yourself the opportunity to feel healthier and happier with treatments provided at  Adelaide Acupuncture Clinic. You will feel lighter, have increased physical mobility and a greater awareness of your healthy body and immune system, and enjoy greater mental clarity.

We can treat all types of disease and pain, acute and chronic using a combination of  modalities, from acupuncture, naturopathic and chinese herbal medicine, nutrition, massage and trigger point therapy, and pranic healing, to create a special wholistic treatment programme for you.

We specialise in Fertility Management for couples, also Insomnia, Anxiety and depression, other Emotional conditions, and Pain management.

Mothers experience many adverse symptoms during pregnancy and post-natal which can be treated effectively by acupuncture and chinese medicine.

Adelaide Acupuncture Clinic has been established for over 16 years providing a successful health service to the Adelaide community. Peter has been successfully practising Hannya Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine for over 16 years, and providing massage therapy for over 25 years.